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Cosmetic Body Contouring

Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery of the Body

When it comes to body shape, our ideals of what is beautiful have changed significantly over the years from voluptuous to athletic to waif-like and back again. Most recently, the ideal body is considered to be one that is healthy and fully functional with an appreciation that many different shapes and sizes can be highly attractive.

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Body Contouring Can Enhance a Balanced Lifestyle
Whatever your preference, achieving your ideal body can take a lot of hard work and sometimes even this may not suffice. No matter your situation, a balanced diet and regular exercise should always be your first line of defense. Following this, whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle or opting for a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, achieving your personal aesthetic goals can allow you to reclaim control of your physique.

Considering Body Surgery?

Although diet and exercise are a key part of maintaining a healthy physique, many people still find that life’s experiences can alter the way their body looks and feels unavoidably and irreversibly. Childbirth, massive weight gain or loss or following physical trauma such as ill health or an accident are just some examples. Time is another phenomenon. As we age, our body undergoes significant changes that can leave our bodies different and less desirable than earlier in our lives. For some it could just be that genetics may not have given us the breast size or proportion for which we had hoped. Others may find that maturing into middle-age and beyond alters the body we still deserve to have.

To ensure optimal outcomes with cosmetic surgery of the body, clients should be focused on achieving natural-looking proportions and symmetry. Of course, there is room for personal preference as individual ideals of the perfect body form are different. As with all cosmetic surgeries, it is important to engage in self-exploration to understand your expectations for surgery. While changing your body’s physical appearance can have a positive impact on your confidence and the way you look in clothes, it can’t fundamentally change your standard of living or your true personality.

What are my options?

Examples of body contouring procedures that Dr. Belsley’s practice offers include lipoplasty, lifting of the arms and thighs, tummy tuck, breast surgery, and surgical implants. Clients considering surgery on the body should make themselves aware of the various options that are available. Considerations must account for individual goals and technical considerations such as the amount of fatty vs. glandular tissues, degree of weight-loss, age and general fitness. Dr. Belsley can help you ascertain what is technically possible and is well placed to create a surgery plan that can address your specific needs. We invite you to make an appointment for more information on how to develop a tailored approach to realizing your aesthetic goals.

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General advice for clients considering Cosmetic Surgery of the Body

  • Procedures that involve implants should be carefully considered as they result in significant changes to the body’s structure and can result in permanent changes even if removed.
  • For clients considering surgery after bariatric surgery or significant weight-loss, it is important to ensure that your weight has stabilized. While you might be eager to complete your transformation with the removal of excess skin and fat, it is strongly recommended that you wait at least 12-18 months after bariatric surgery before undergoing cosmetic contouring.
  • Be prepared for healing time, not only in terms of how you will look but also to make arrangements for time taken off work and follow up visits with the surgeon. Surgeries on the body can significantly affect your ability to perform physical tasks, the exact time depends on the procedure and it is of utmost importance that you follow Dr. Belsley's advice to avoid complications and allow for the best recovery and outcomes.

The female abdomen embodies the essence of womanhood, both in form and in function. However, pregnancy stretches the abdominal skin and the muscle layers beneath it.

In both men and women, these layers may simply loose elasticity over time. In either case, some aspects of the changes in the appearance of the abdomen will not be responsive to diet or exercise.

An abdominoplasty or a "tummy tuck" can enhance the body's contour by making the abdomen firmer, flatter and tighter. An enhancement in the fit of an individual's clothing, their posture and their self-image often results.


El abdomen femenino encarna la esencia de la feminidad, tanto en forma como en función. Sin embargo, el embarazo estira la piel abdominal y las capas musculares debajo de ella.Tanto en hombres como en mujeres, estas capas pueden simplemente perder elasticidad con el tiempo. En cualquier caso, algunos aspectos de los cambios en la apariencia del abdomen no responderán a la dieta o al ejercicio.

Una abdominoplastia puede mejorar el contorno corporal haciendo que el abdomen sea más firme, plano y tenso. El resultado suele ser una mejora en el ajuste de la ropa, la postura y la imagen de uno mismo.

Arm Liposuction

In individuals with overly full upper arms but good skin tone, arm liposuction can result in shapelier, more muscular appearing upper arms without lengthy incisions.

Even a subtle change can produce a striking overall effect.

Dr. Belsley often utilizes ultrasound assisted liposuction in this area in order to promote skin shrinkage, making more individuals candidates for this minimally invasive method of arm contouring.

Liposucción de brazos

En las personas con brazos demasiado voluminosos pero con un buen tono cutáneo, la liposucción de brazos puede dar como resultado unos brazos más torneados y musculosos sin necesidad de incisiones largas.

Incluso un cambio sutil puede producir un efecto general sorprendente.

La Dra. Belsley a menudo utiliza liposucción asistida por ultrasonido en esta área para promover la contracción de la piel, lo que hace que más personas sean candidatas para este método mínimamente invasivo de contorno de brazos.

Back Liposuction

Most men and some women have a tendency to accumulate fat deposits in the back immediately above the buttocks. This area is often referred to in popular culture as "love handles."  The lower rise pants that have become fashionable of late, especially when worn snugly, emphasize excess fat in these areas.  Liposuction can provide an excellent resolution to this concern with a relatively short recovery period.

Dr. Belsley feels that liposuction of the upper back, especially around the bra strap area in women, has proven increasingly successful with the addition of ultrasound-assisted liposuction.  This specialized technique of liposuction involves the use of high frequency sound waves to assist in breaking up fat cells prior to liposuction.  Dr. Belsley uses it frequently in order to obtain a more thorough and even removal of fatty tissue from various regions of the body.

Liposucción de espalda

La mayoría de los hombres y algunas mujeres tienen tendencia a acumular depósitos de grasa en la espalda, inmediatamente por encima de las nalgas. Esta zona suele denominarse en la cultura popular "michelines".  Los pantalones de tiro bajo que se han puesto de moda últimamente, especialmente cuando se llevan ajustados, acentúan el exceso de grasa en estas zonas.  La liposucción puede proporcionar una excelente solución a este problema con un período de recuperación relativamente corto.

La Dra. Belsley considera que la liposucción de la parte superior de la espalda, especialmente alrededor del área del tirante del sostén en las mujeres, ha demostrado ser cada vez más exitosa con la adición de la liposucción asistida por ultrasonido. Esta técnica especializada de liposucción implica el uso de ondas sonoras de alta frecuencia para ayudar a romper las células grasas antes de la liposucción. La Dra. Belsley lo utiliza frecuentemente para obtener una eliminación más completa y uniforme del tejido graso de diversas regiones del cuerpo.

Mid-body liposuction

Weight gain, genetic tendencies and ageing have their own independent effects on the appearance of the mid-body. Pregnancy can stretch the abdominal skin wall. In individuals whose skin and muscle have not been damaged or malpositioned by stretch and who have appropriate skin elasticity, the mid-body may be contoured very effectively with liposuction alone. When an individual is a candidate for mid-body liposuction, the advantages of this method of body contouring over more invasive methods are many; they include shorter incision and also an easier and sometimes shorter recovery period.

Liposucción de la parte media del cuerpo

El aumento de peso, las tendencias genéticas y el envejecimiento tienen sus propios efectos independientes en el aspecto de la parte media del cuerpo. El embarazo puede estirar la pared cutánea abdominal. En las personas cuya piel y músculo no se han dañado o malposicionado por el estiramiento y que tienen una elasticidad cutánea adecuada, la parte media del cuerpo puede contornearse muy eficazmente sólo con liposucción. Cuando una persona es candidata a la liposucción de la parte media del cuerpo, las ventajas de este método de contorno corporal sobre otros métodos más invasivos son muchas; entre ellas se incluyen una incisión más corta y también un período de recuperación más fácil y a veces más corto.

Lower Body Liposuction

Although numerous body types exist, many women are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat in the hips and thighs. When this is the case, clothing can be difficult to fit and an individual with a relatively normal body fat percentage can appear to be significantly overweight. In the extreme, this tendency may result in a body proportion that appears markedly off balance.

Further, fatty deposits in these areas are notoriously unresponsive to diet and exercise. Liposuction can successfully address these concerns and also improve the fit of clothing.

Liposuction can result in shapelier legs, especially in those individuals who have fat deposits around the knees.

Liposucción de la parte inferior del cuerpo

Aunque existen numerosos tipos de cuerpo, muchas mujeres están genéticamente predispuestas a acumular grasa en las caderas y los muslos. En estos casos, la ropa puede ser difícil de ajustar y una persona con un porcentaje de grasa corporal relativamente normal puede parecer que tiene un sobrepeso considerable. En el extremo, esta tendencia puede dar lugar a una proporción corporal que parezca marcadamente desequilibrada.

Además, los depósitos de grasa en estas zonas son notoriamente insensibles a la dieta y el ejercicio. La liposucción puede resolver estos problemas y mejorar el ajuste de la ropa.

La liposucción puede dar como resultado unas piernas más torneadas, especialmente en aquellas personas que tienen depósitos de grasa alrededor de las rodillas.