Breast lift to correct breast changes after pregnancy

Breast lift to correct breast changes after pregnancy


This 24 year old woman had a breast lift or mastopexy to correct sagging of her breasts that occurred as a result of changes related to pregnancy.  I used a short scar breast lift or mastopexy technique which leaves behind scars shaped like a “lollipop.”  Some breast lifts or mastopexies are performed using a technique that results in scars that look like an “anchor,” but I prefer to use this shorter scar technique because scars are never visible in the cleavage nor on the side of the body beneath the arm.  This makes swimsuit selection much easier.

How the breasts will change as a result of pregnancy varies from one woman to the next.  Some women’s breasts look very similar after pregnancy.  Others change drastically in their appearance after even a single pregnancy.

This woman was fortunate to have enough breast tissue to rearrange into a relatively full and natural appearing breast without the need for an implant. 

Skin elasticity, which refers to the ability of skin to “snap back” after being stretched, also varies from one woman to the next.  In people who have poor elasticity, surgical results do not last as long.  In such people, using an implant to replace volume can predispose that individual to an earlier recurrence of the initial problem because the implant has weight and taxes already compromised skin.  Commercially available skin substitutes can provide the strength needed for successful use of implants in such cases.  Use of such substitutes adds expense and complexity to the surgery, however.